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RYOHEI: This is the third year we've had a tour, I want it to be different from the first and second.
RYUICHI: I didn't feel that everything was great in the first and second tour, but this time I feel that it's become more of a show on stage.
KEITA: But we haven't had anything definite planned yet, so there's not much we can say.
RYOHEI: Everything will be great though, and the atmosphere would probably differ from last year's. Our clothes also have the match the dancers on stage and the atmosphere of the stage. We're having more decorations that usual.
RYUICHI: All our props for the tour this year are also good.
KEITA: We still don't know what new things are in the locations this time though.
RYOHEI: But it will be fun.
RYUICHI: Like the picture of swimming.
RYOHEI: Really? *laughs*
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I thought this was an interesting article, and it's also kinda funny ^O^ I think what they did was they had the readers vote on the winner of each category: most huggable, most sexy lip, most sexy face and legs, cutest. I also don't really know the age of these people so when they talk about females, I constantly switch between "girl" and "woman" and "guy" and "man" ^O^" hehe, hope you enjoy it though! ^O^

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The man you want to hug the most:
First place goes to Hiroki Narimiya! Let's see how he feels about this position:

"To say that I won this prize and that I'm happy is kind of weird *laughs* The most huggable guy, it sounds kind of perverted. I'm really embarrassed *laughs* Everyone says that my eyes and lips are sexy but I don't really train the rest of my body. When I'm acting in a drama, I have to use my stomach muscles to bellow out my voice, so that's why I think I got more fit. And another thing, when I was a kid I used to swim a lot, that's why my body turned out this way. A man's sexiness~I don't think it's important on the outside. Everyone has their own lifestyle, their own thoughts, and their own personalities, that's what I think. Sexy~I want to be like that.
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KEITA: I want to exercise more.
RYOHEI: Hm...whenever I see Keita I would feel that he tries really hard.
TOSHIYUKI: You don't just want to have muscles, but you really want it to be firm, right Keita?
RYUICHI: Keita told me that he wanted muscles, he didn't want to be fat. In other words, he wanted more muscles but have the same amount of fat.
ATSUSHI: Hm...that's hard to accomplish.
TOSHIYUKI: Looking from the outside, it looks like you're really skinny, but you actually have muscles, huh?
ATSUSHI: Toshiyuki, you're like that too.
KEITA: What's your body fat percentage?
TOSHIYUKI: I've never measure it. I think it's about 11%?
RYUICHI: Keita's is 8% right?
KEITA: Hm...8.5%
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AI NO HANA-the flower of love
>>What kind of flower is it?
Ryuichi: this *Ryuichi draws a picture of a flower for us* Here it is.
Keita: That's a flower?
Ryohei: The picture is so uncanny, Ryuichi-kun *laughs*
Ryuichi: It'd be a pink flower, the middle would be white, the leaves green and many of them would bloom.
Ryohei: There has to be only one flower. If there's so many how can you call it love? Love must only have one.
Ryuichi: Oh yeah.
Keita: For me, it isn't that kind of flower at all. I think it's more like one person's feelings who likes someone else, I think that feeling is similar to a flower.
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Ryuichi: When talking about a trap, it reminds me of Hikaru Utada's "Amai wana" that was in her first album containing 6 songs.
Ryohei: It's a really nice song.
Keita: I think of "Torneko no Daibouken" (apparently it's a "series of video games [and possible an anime OVA] featuring a character from a Dragon Quest game named Torneko, a merchant. Basically, he goes
through dungeons avoiding tons of traps [probably why Tacchin and Ryu thought of it] and fighting
monsters and geting stuff to sell in his store" Quote by ketsune-san, who corrected me of my mistake ^O^ Thank you very much ketsune-san! -D.T.)

Ryuichi: Oh that *clasps his hands to his chest* I was thinking about that too.
Ryohei: I just think of a regular trap. Like when someone falls into a trap, they feel "I've been tricked." Read more... )
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>>>So this is your 5th single~
KEITA: Yeah, I though it was the 8th one though.
Everyone: ???
RYUICHI: Yeah, let's begin! Keita-kun, tone down the silliness, would you? *scolding* This is just the fifth single that everyone's been waiting for!
RYOHEI: You only get that kind of silliness once in a while *laughs* But it seems like we've been waiting for the release of the 5th single ever since we debuted.
RYUICHI: No~this is the 5th single that everyone's been waiting for! That's what I wanted to say, yeah.
>>>Yes, thank you for the silliness right at the beginning *laughs*
KEITA: No, no *laughs* But you listened to "Another Days" already right?
>>>Yes, I did. This single is really full of pain.
RYUICHI: Yeah, it really is. But I like it very much, of course I also like the lyrics very much. Even though the overall tone of the song is really too much...because first of all, there's the feeling full of pain. Second of all, just listening to the interlude that's full of heartbreak! It makes me want to, "oh I can't take this anymore!"Read more... )


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