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2005-09-01 09:09 pm

TRAX - When the 4 Korean rockers boom all the way to Japan interview 2005

I LIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I FINALLY got off my lazy butt and translated this interview, I've actually been meaning to do it two weeks ago but then school started and I died.
But I know ALL OF YOU are waiting for my interviews which is why I was so nice to procrastinate all my hw and get this interview done and scanned and posted *MUAH* Enjoy!!!(the pics aren't that nice but that's all I have) =P

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INT: What have you been doing ever since you debuted with the single, "Scorpio" last December of last year?
TYPHOON: We went to the debut event and the came back to Korea. We wrote songs and practiced among other things. This time I came to Japan about 3 weeks before everyone to do voice recording.
INT: The event was the gala premiere of the Korean movie, "Boku no Kanojo wo Shokaishimasu" in which you sang and played the piano of YOSHIKI's TEARS. And the other band members greeted the guests that came to listen right?
ROSE: So many guests came that I was pretty embarrassed, but I was happy that everyone gave us such warm receptions.Read more... )