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>>>This time, you didn't watched the DVD that was released, right? Don't you want to watch it?
I didn't bring it with me (I think he's in LA right now-D.T.), the DVD system in Japan is different from here, so I can't watch it.
>>>About the history of the song, Art of Life, when you decided to write it, it was pretty sudden right?
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I have always wanted to write a complicated song that lasted 30 minutes. But I've always thought that there was no way I could play it live. However, in the end, we decided to play it live at Tokyo Dome but we stil hadn't thought of how to do it. I had to talk to hide about the concert and concluded that we would definitely play it live. When I told the other band members about this they all made a woeful face and it was obvious that they did not like the plan one bit. Read more... )
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I: When I watched the VDO, "The Last Live" again, I recall that you were still wearing the neck brace while playing the drums.
Y: Yeah.
I: And it's okay?
Y: Well, you shouldn't do it. *laughs*
I: Of course not! *laughs*
Y: Even now, I'm still hurting, even when I don't do anything.
I: So do you still play the drums?
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Y: When I'm recording for VIOLET UK, I do. If I don't play for three hours in a row, it's okay. But if I get into it like when I did in X then it'd be like suicide. *laughs*
I: When I was watching the VDO one of the first things I noticed was...while you were playing you were also sending some secret signals to hide too right? (Really? I must go back and watch it...-D.T.)
Y: Yes, but should I explain it? Like, if TOSHI says anything weird then hide can turn off the mike.
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I: You have so much work nowadays.
Y: My hands are full!
I: When did this much work started to come in?
Y: My solo project, VIOLET UK started about 6 years ago. Around the time when everyone (the members of X JAPAN) started doing their own solo projects. I saw that I had some free time, so I decided to start my own too. But because for me, X's songs were my first priority, my solo didn't progress that much. Now that X JAPAN has disbanded, I released another X album. So that time I had a lot to do because I didn't want any trouble from the contracts I signed. When I finished that I intended to come back and work on my solo. that time I already had about 60 songs written for my solo. Yesterday I played it during the filming of the commercial (see shooting report at the end. -D.T.) too. When I decided that "I'm going back to do my solo!" hide had suddenly passed I had to stop my plan as you see.
I: You stop the distribution?
Y: No, but more like I stopped everything. You could say that, that time I didn't do music at all.
I: You didn't?
Y: I was blocked all the way round...this is why I didn't want to give any interviews. I didn't want to play music to anyone. The only thing that I could do was produce for other people because at that time, I couldn't write music at all. The only song I could write was the one for hide...uh....would you like to listen to it?
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