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This interview is dedicated to tetsugar_69-san! ^O^ Hope you like it!!
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TETSU: I have a stock of songs in keep, so even if I released the singles, "SHINKIROU" and "15 1/2 FIFTEEN HALF" those songs were written a year ago.
INT: Is that so?
TETSU: Yes, the songs that are coming out after this also, they were written a year and a half ago. So if you're to write, "the new and strange side of TETSU," it should have been written a year and a half ago *laughs*
INT: Even if you had a stock of songs in keep, you chose to take a break.
TETSU: Mm...I did feel sorry for those songs becuase to me, songs are just like my children. It's very difficult for them to be born. So I want my children to be born under the best circumstances and environment possible.
INT: So it was a good decision.
TETSU: Well, like I said, I'm one to like perfection.
INT: After you decided to stop, you began to rearrange the way you work. Can you explain it more clearly?
TETSU: Well, it started from getting staff members. I thought of many people...personally, I think for an artist to be successful, it really depends on how much the staff loves that artist. Actually I don't want them to see this as work, but rather as love. Especially now that I'm doing solo, it's even more important.Read more... )


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