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TEST ONE: You see a volcano that's about to erupt, what type of eruption do you think it will be?
SAKURA: For me it would be like the opening scenes of "Hajime Ningen Gyaatoruzu" I want to see a volcano erupt like that one day. (If I'm right, this "Hajime Ningen Gyaatoruzu" of Sakura is a TVseries that was released from 1974 to 1976, a work of Yoshifumi Kondou - he works with Studio Ghibli. Not sure of the storyline though...-D.T.)
INT: Oh, like the volcano shakes and then explodes, BANG!
SAKURA: Yeah, yeah.
EIN: Mine is like the lava would gush out slowly.
SAKURA: And the type of eruption?
EIN: It wouldn't be super blowing up all over the place.
KEN: Mine would be like in "Survival."
SAKURA: That's Saito Takao's manga *laughs*
KEN: Then there'd be a thundering kind of sound, and everything would be drowned in lava, like full course. This would be a huge catastrophe, that's my kind of volcano eruption.
SAKURA: Like meshing what I said and what EIN said together.
KEN: So, what does all this mean?
INT: The type of eruption is equivalent to how you react when you angry.
KEN: So? Is that accurate? *laughs*
SAKURA: Yeah, it is. *laughs*
EIN: It is. *laughs* Read more... )


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