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Apparently before he showed up wearing a groom's tuxedo, so today we see him in a pure white wedding dress! hehe ^O^ Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
This interview comes to you courtesy of secretletters-san's, myv-san's, and sakurachan90-san's request for a Miyavi interview! ^O^
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INT: Ever since October I've been hearing many thing about events concerning you meeting your fans. Plus today you've shown up wearing a clean white dress, this has made me understand that...
M: Understand that "Miyavi's got it really bad"? *laughs*
INT: No no, I think it suits you Miya-chan. You're someone who really has confidence in themselves.
M: But it looks sort of suspicious right? Well, just think of it as a reward from Miyavi. I took so much time to dress so nicely and intricately for everyone *laughs*
INT: look very beautiful *laughs* But I still can't help but ask?
M: Go ahead! You can ask, I'd be glad to answer *laughs* But don't ask anything that's too hard. I haven't gotten much sleep lately, I might not be able to answer. I'm kinda getting stupider to, I haven't had the chance to eat tuna much; I think I'm lacking in calcium.
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hehe, almost forgot. This one is for rabbit_gkt87 Hope you like it! ^O^ do you get the image of the little user thingy?

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INT: Er...what are you doing this time?
MIYAVI: Master Miyabar.
INT: Eh...a master?
MIYAVI: Well if you just look at the name I'm using, it should be pretty obvious *laughs* This is in response to the requests my fans sent in! They sent in so much, it could probably last until next year. Now I don't have to sit around and think "What should I be next?" I just have to think "Which one should I do first?" Read more... )
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MIYAVI: I can say plainly that my fashion is "no fashion" *laughs* I've been in Tokyo for 4 years but during those 4 years I've bought my own clothes only once.
>>Eh? You wear the same clothes over and over again?
MIYAVI: Aa~wait wait. I'm not that dirty of a person *laughs* I recieve a lot of clothes from my fans which is why I don't really buy clothes. Nowadays I wear jeans, but I used to wear leather pants. That's all I'd wear *laughs*
>>Is that so? What other things are you attached to other than that?
MIYAVI: Actually I don't really want to talk about "my characteristics." I want to attach to things and pretend that I don't. "Looking attached without be attached." I think that's cool, it's really a cool thought.
>>Another complicated thought *laughs* But I get what you're trying to say *laughs* But when did you stop wearing leather pants and started wearing jeans?
MIYAVI: I don't really wear leather pants because they tear easy. So I started wearing jeans *laughs*
>>Aa, really? *laughs* Then what would be the first thing to buy with your money? Read more... )


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