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YAHOO!!! I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!
Italy was amazing, the entire country was simply breathtaking. I'll be doing a full report on it when I upload all my 300+ pictures that I took O_O Can I upload VDO files onto LJ? I'll have to find out. But for now enjoy these interviews!!!

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>>What did you think last year was going to be like when you released your first solo album, "ROENTGEN" and acted in a movie?
HYDE:It was really a year full of varieties, that's what I think. The year before that I had kept myself working in my room all the time. I was also really impressed because I got to promote and go to the ski resort in Taiwan.
>>The three important things, right?
>>Mm...I understand the first two but the ski resort? *laughs*
HYDE: I really wanted to go snowboarding. The year before this I just stayed in my room and didn't go anywhere. So this year I figured that anywhere would be good. Therefore, since the break in the promotion I got to go. *laughs* But that was after all the work was finished.
>>Did staying the room only have any side effects?
HYDE: There were some, because I would drink a lot of beer. But last year if anyone ever asked me to go drinking, I would decline.
>>Eh? Why did you do that?
HYDE: Mm....I was thinking that I would write songs at home and I had intended to write all my songs within half a year. But in the end it took a whole year, so I would decline immediately. I felt bad actually. My motto used to be, "If any friends invites me for a drink, I would have to go."
>>Motto, huh? *laughs* Mm...if you got invited that is.Read more... )


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