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Hehe, another (late) Valentine treat for everyone!! ^O^!! Gackt talks about some really interesting stuff here, but if you don't like his opinons, please don't bash him okay? ^~^" Constructive criticism is fine ^O^ Not like, "Gackt is such a self-righteous, egotistic, *blurp*" yah? ^O^"

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INT: Tell me about your times of falling in love?
G: Last summer, when I went to Los Angeles, I fell in love with a young girl. She was working at the restaurant of the hotel. She had stylish blonde hair, very beautiful. She also had a nice voice to listen to; when I talked to her I felt excited and nervous *laughs* Even though usually when I talk to women I don't get stressed.
INT: And did you ask her out?
G: No, because I only met her one day before I had to come back to Japan. Before I came back, I actualy stopped by the restaurant but she had taken the day off. In the end, I came back to Japan without contacting her. It's so painful. I wish I knew ahead of time that I'd meet such a cute person *laughs* My loves are like that, it's so sad...Read more... )
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Gackt: No matter what commercial it is, the first thing I ask the staff is, "Would it really be okay if Gackt plays the part? Is Gackt the only person who can do it?" Because if someone else can do it, then there is no reason for me to do it. This time I asked the samething and the answer I recieved was, "it's something that only Gackt can do." With those words, all my doubts were cleared. When I saw the story board saying that I had to go all nude it didn't change my mind. While doing the story board, there were no specific orders telling me what pose I had to do so while shooting the commercial, I changed my poses according to what I wanted to convey and what ending results we wanted of which, we already discussed at the studio. Read more... )
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I: The workload this time is just as heavy as others isn't it?
G: If you compare my workload with that of my workcrew, mine was a lot less. Everyone in my crew worked very hard because they tried to do it exactly the way I wanted them to do, therefore, the work was more complicated than usual. But they fought very hard. I feel very grateful to them that they accepted the things I wanted, especially the director. I have to thank him very much that he listened to my ideas and went along with the things I wanted. When normally a director would do only the things he wants personally right? If the crew and director didn't listen to me this project wouldn't have been successful. No matter how hard the work is or how much the work is, if I have them by my side I would be motivated and have confidence. Including hyde, if I didn't have him, this project wouldn't have been successful.
I:You were the one who chose hyde to play the role of KEI right?
G: Yes.
I:Why did you choose hyde?
G: It's hard to put it in words. Read more... )
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I: Since 2003 began, have you had any time off?
G: Yes, I did. About a week at the beginning of the year.
I: What did you do during the break?
G: I went snowboarding in Las Vegas.
I: Woah! Las Vegas? You can snowboard?
G: Yeah, if I went somewhere else there would be a lot of Japanese people. So I decided to go to a place that no one would think of - Las Vegas. Read more... )


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