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Hiya everyone!!! I'M BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahahahahahaha!!! School is out!! Summer has begun!! Oh joy!!! Oh freedom!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In any case, so here's Dir en grey for y'all. Last time I did a Deg interview I barely got any responses and I was really disappointed =( So if I don't get a lot of responses this time it'll be a long while before I do another Deg interview -_-" Okay? In any case, hope you enjoy!

Read more... )it has to be games. I have to play the game, "Dorakue 4" that just came out no matter what. I'm playing it right now, the last stage is a big boss that you have to beat and then he'll become your ally. After that you just keep traveling until you fight the next person. When this game came out I went out to buy it right away the next morning *laughs* It's a game I really like. If there's a day when I feel like playing games, I would go out to buy one right away. Read more... )I really like watching movies that portray the bravery and love in honor of ancient/ancestric people, whether it is foreign or Japanese. I also watch movies that have to do about the royalties like "Jingi naki tatakai" ("The Yakuza Papers: Battles Without Honor and Humanity") But these movies can't be found for rent in VDO shops. I really want to watch movies that star Tsuruda Kouji or Takakura Ken! But I'm not a member of the VDO-rental shop, because it's hard to get a membership isn't it? *laughs* Read more... )How many shoes do I have?...if it's Adidas and Nike, I probably have about 20 pairs. I like buying clothes, if I like something I would buy it right away. Like when it's released, I would call the store to reserve them. Or if there's a day where I have to record at the studio until morning, when I come home it'd around the sametime that the store would open, and I would go buy clothes. I would look in magazines or on websites *laughs* Read more... )
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Tell me about your feelings while you were playing live at the Akasaka Blitz.
KAORU: The feelings kept on changing because the songs we played changed day by day but it the live was so good, my body moved by itself.
DIE: But during those 5 days, we all tried very hard. The contents of the lives changed everyday, I was very excited.
You also played songs that you haven't played a very long time. Did you think that it would make the live more colorful?
KYO: Yes! I think I'm very different from what I was in the past, and when I sing those old songs, I enter that world once more. I felt that I had returned to the old days and is experiencing it again.
SHINYA: I missed those old songs, actually. I feel very comfortable with them.
TOSHIYA: Actually, I had forgotten how to play some of the old songs, so when we played it again it felt like they were new songs. *laughs* But after getting reaquainted with the old songs, my body still remembers how to play it.
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On the last day of the live (the 5th day), you wore the outfit of your new image. They were all black. Everyone looked very strange?
DIE: It might make you feel weird, but there's actually a deep meaning behind it. When I look at it, I feel that it looks like a well-taken photograph *laughs*
KYO: I've always wanted to try that kind of image. This was my first chance.Read more... )
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I: What were you like as a child?
S: Normal.
I: People told you that? *sheepish smile*
S: But I liked to run out into the park a lot. Everyone had to chase after me.
I: That's not normal *laughs* How about your family?
S: Well, I had a mom and a dad and afterwards I had an aunt.
I: What did your parents do?
S: My father worked in a company, and my mother has pretty much done everything.
I: Everything?
S: She's worked at a clothes store and at a coffee shop. Read more... )


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