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Omg Sho and omg Japanese =____+ Sho and his long long long Japanese sentences can make anyone want to runaway Q__Q Enjoy the result of my sweat and tears.....*dies*

Don't blame me for all the seemingly run-on sentences. I tried my best to be grammatically correct but I also tried my best to keep to how Sho wrote his blog (like where he ends his sentences)so....blame Sho =) Please don't post this elsewhere without my permission. Thank you.

Sho wrote...
October 16th (Monday) Front Page #3 'The Education Rebuilding Council?' )
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I was doing an entry on Sho's blog halfway until I realized he didn't write it =_____________= The news blog puts together the blogs of all the newscasters unless you specifically click on their name @_@ Gaaa! What a waste of time X__X I should have known though, that entry I was doing was about children who went through life-threatening hardships - when I finally switched to Sho's blog (the one he actual wrote), it was all about nuclear testings ^O^" That sounds boring but some of the facts Sho presents are actually quite startling..... Please do not post this translation elsewhere without my permission. Thank you.

Sho wrote...
October 9th (Monday) Front Page #2 'What purpose does nuclear testings serve?' )
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Woookay..I've been checking his news blog every now and then for the past month and there's only been one entry; then all of a sudden, I go today, and 5 pops up! @_@ I think I was looking at the wrong date the whole time, lol. Anyways, since I'm doing Keita's blog, I figure I'd do Sho's blog, too. Sho recently became a newscaster on NTV's "News Zero" program talking about economics and stuff (you know, cuz' he's smart *pinches his cheek*) XDDD Man, Sho! I'm going to know all about Japanese politics because of you XDDDD So here's to ARASHI fans! Please do not post this translation elsewhere without my permission. Thank you.

Sho wrote...
October 2nd (Monday) Front Page #1 'Cabinet Ministry?' )


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