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Hey everyone, I really apologize for the serious lack of updates but my life's just been crazy O_O It's two months until I graduate, and so now work is piling in X_X I have so much homework to do and so many tests to study for that I don't know what to do first! O_O! And any free time I have, I use to catch up on my sleep Q_Q So I don't think I'll be able to write a detailed report anymore..sorry ^~^" I'm just going to post up pictures now, if you want me to explain them then just comment and I'll reply as soon as I can ^O^" Sorry everyone O_O Plus...I'm sorta missing translating interviews =P I'll try to keept it up!


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Hiya ^O^" Back from the dead O_O This week has been complete hell for me and I've just been....dead X_X But I'm sorta revived now because the week has ended! Now I can rest (for only two days but whatever). So here you go part four! We started out with going to Hamana Lake, the biggest lake that exports eel throughout the whole country. Despite the weird exports, it's actually very beautiful ^O^ Next was a pleasure boat ride! On a pirate ship! WooO! Then it was off to the Smelly Mountain! ^O^" Lol, it's not really called that (though it should be), but yeah ^~^" We were lucky it didn't rain today and we got to see Mt.Fuji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to a department store after that to shop around ^O^ Then we reached our ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel)!


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Wahooo! Day three! Today we went to the Golden Pavillion, a world heritage site, a kimono fashion show, the Heian Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, rode the Shinkansen, moved to Nagoya...the worse thing happened! It RAINED THE WHOLE DAY!! WAAAAA!!!!!!!

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I broke my promise and didn't update each day..I'm sorry! Q_Q Please forgive me T_T It started out fine..until I realized that I had updated on Friday about my Saturday story! *embarrassed* So I didn't update yesterday so I could get on track, but then my browser got hacked and I lost my internect connection ^O^" But I'm back now so no worries ^~^" I think? I'm starting to be buried by my schoolwork X_X Stupid teachers!!! So I'll just try to update as soon as I can ^~^"

Today's the second day of my trip! We landed in Osaka, went to Nara, walked around Naramachi, and went shopping at the Shinsaibachi (Downtown Osaka!!!) ^O^! I GOT PICCIES!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry again, I'll only be able to update one day today..turns out that all my pics are too big for uploading so I have to resize everything! Which...takes quite a while considering my snail of a computer...please patient ^~^"). These pictures are all taken by me, so please DO NOT take it without permission ^~^"

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