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It’s still the 30th in America!!!!! Jun’s birthday is not over yet lolz XDDD I read some kokuritsu concert reports and it seemed like Jun had a great time celebrating with the members and fans ^___^ I wish I could have been there (so do 1000000 other fans lol) to celebrate with him, but it makes me happy to know that everything went by well for them even though it rained XDD

So! The last part XDDD!!!! Happy birthday Jun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun's Special Birthday Treat! A fanfic. Part III. )
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Well, it’s already August 30th in Japan and in the US so it’s not really a pre-birthday treat but whatever XDDD It’s 5:30PM in Tokyo right now so if they started on time, ARASHI’s final day at Kokuritsu just started!!!!!!!!!!




May your day be filled with all the love from your fellow members and fellow fangirls who are lucky enough to be there and celebrate with you on your special day right now! ♥ Many of us can’t be there but we’re there in spirit XDD!! You’re still my first love in ARASHI and will always have such a special place in my heart, even if Nino doesn’t like that lol. Please keep on being DoS Banchou Batsugun Matsujun XDD!! No one else is like you and you bring so much love and credibility to the idol job ^_^ Keep making fangirls melt and swoon at your every move! And teach Nino to strip off his shirt smexily. Please. Teach him to show off his hot bod and be a loving ho like you are *_* We need more Juns and naked photoshoots in this world (but less random white chicks to pose with you). Happy Birthday Jun!!!! I've never been so proud to be an ARASHI fan ^___^!!!!! Thank you for converting me XDDDDD

I still got two parts left to post for this fanfic XDDD This is the second part; the last part will come later todaaay ^____^! Enjoy~!!!!!!

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Jun's Special Birthday Treat! A fanfic. Part II. )
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YAYYY!!!! So there's still two more days before Jun's birthday (in slowpoke American time, at least) so I've been working on this fanfic!!! *flails*!!!

This is my first real full fanfic O_O The reason why I'm posting it two days early is that there are actually three parts to it lol XDD So part 1 today, part 2 tomorrow, then the last part on Jun's birthday! ^____^!!! It's actually adapted from the novel I wrote about in a post a few months ago. I decided to just give in and admit that I wrote a 50,000 word epic ARASHI fanfic LOL. This is a special birthday treat since Jun's part is my favorite part in the whole novel XDDDD (don't worry this isn't 50,000 words lol).

The title remains A Heart Full of Love because I can't think of anything else lol. The main character is our dear Jun of course ^____^ This IS a yaoi fanfic. But who is paired with Jun!?!? *_*!! Read on to see hohoho XDDD !!!! There's nothing too explicit though but I'm sure your fangirl imaginations can run wild on their own ;)

All the ARASHI members make an appearance even if their names aren't necessarily mentioned (well that's just for one member *hides in shame*). See if you can pick them/him out! I guess you'd say this is set in an AU. The members aren't in ARASHI.

ermz, not sure what else to say. Jun works at a host club. LOL.

Enjoyyy!! If you do read please do comment. I worked really hard on this soooo no flamings please +_+ Please be wary that any opinions about Japanese culture put in here is all my view and my view only. If you disagree or think I got facts wrong, then that's fine and dandy but don't be mean about it.

I'm really nervous O_O Please be nice. I really like this fanfic though, even though I wrote it LOL. Jun's really cute T_____T I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!!!!!!!!

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Jun's Special Birthday Treat! A fanfic. Part I. )


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