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2011-04-26 04:38 am

4649~!!!! m(-_-)m

Feel free to add me but I don't guarantee adding anyone back unless I know you XDD
I do love (nice) comments though ♥ And my translations are always public!
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2011-04-05 01:25 am

Shibasaki Kou - GENOME CHRONICLE, Mukei SPIRIT lyrics translation

One of the requests for translation I got in the Fundraising for Japan - Fandom style. I'm posting two songs since I wasn't able to post a translation two weeks ago. Enjoy!

Shibasaki Kou - GENOME CHRONICLE  )
Shibasaki Kou - Mukei SPIRIT (Intangible SPIRIT) )
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2011-03-12 09:50 pm

Fundraising for Japan Earthquake Relief

As you all know, Japan was recently hit by a massive earthquake. I have family and friends in Japan and luckily, no one I know was injured but it's a difficult time nonetheless.

I offered my translation services for the fundraising effort at [ profile] arashi_on, you can view my selling post here. Please feel free to request translations and please donate in return!! You can also take a look at all the other services people are offering :D

Praying for everyone's safety m(-_-)m
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2011-03-08 12:01 am
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2011-02-22 12:55 am

ARASHI - Sora Takaku lyrics translation

I thought I already posted this but I guess I hadn't lol. I translated this a while ago when this song was used for
Saigo no Yakusoku
. Such a great song :D

ARASHI - Sora Takaku (Sky High) )
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2011-02-07 10:21 pm

w-inds. - Re:vision lyrics translation

Here's another w-inds. song for ya. This is such a great album :D

w-inds. - Re:vision )
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2011-01-25 11:13 pm

w-inds. - Don't remind me lyrics translation

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and.... here's a w-inds. song for ya LOL. One of my favorite songs from their
album! Really great lyrics, too :D Enjoy!

w-inds. - Don't remind me )
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2011-01-11 12:15 am

wyse - bring you my heart lyrics transation

Such an old yet absolutely beautiful song. Most people probably don't know it, which is a real shame. One of my all-time favorite heartbreakingly sweet love songs.

wyse - bring you my heart )
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2010-12-27 11:59 pm

244 ENDLI-x - Help Me Help Me... lyrics translation

I feel like there's a lot of John Lennon influence in this song for some reason, maybe it's just me. But I love this song to bits, and the PV is beautiful (albeit slightly scary at some parts). Just goes to show how talented our 244 ENDLI-x is <3

244 ENDLI-x - Help Me Help Me... )
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2010-12-13 07:33 pm

w-inds. - New World lyrics translation

This song makes me headbang like no other xD Not many jpop song can do that lol.

w-inds. - NEW WORLD )
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2010-11-29 11:22 pm

KinKi Kids - RHAPSODY lyrics translation

This song,
, was a special bonus track in the regular edition of the
album. It's a nice and pretty song, I translated it eons ago but totally forgot to post it until [ profile] lordjedi poked me about it LOL. Thanks for the reminder! ^^ Enjoy <3

KinKi Kids - RHAPSODY )
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2010-11-26 12:11 am
Entry tags:

to my birthday buddy


It’s a bit late but you know I still love you <3333333

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2010-11-15 11:41 pm

GReeeeN - Ai Uta lyrics translation

One of GReeeeN's most popular songs, and one of my favorites! Here's
Ai Uta
! I can listen to it on repeat all day ♥

GReeeeN - Ai Uta (Love Song) )
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2010-11-01 11:55 pm

GReeeeN - Hito lyrics translation

I really like this song. The lyrics, the rhythm, it's just nice and it's a nice confidence boost XD I really need confidence right now @_@ Got my first interpreting job this Friday!!! *faints*

GReeeeN - Hito (People) )
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2010-10-18 11:37 pm

Angela Aki - Still Fighting It (Ben Folds cover)

This is one of my top three songs that always helps me through any tough time. Angela Aki's got a beautiful voice, and this time, she covers a song that Ben Folds wrote for his son, called
Still Fighting It
. Just a beautiful song.

Angela Aki - Still Fighting It (Ben Folds cover) )
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2010-10-05 12:15 am


One of my favorite songs written by
ENDLICHERI ☆ ENDLICHERI. He wrote it for his mother after going to see cherry blossoms with her (like they do every year) and his mother said to him, "I wonder how many more times can I see the cherry blossoms with you?" That was when he realized how old his mother was getting, and how old he himself was getting that she could say such things. He felt like the only way he could express it was through music, so her wrote this song. It's a very sweetly sad song, especially if you see him perform it live *hearts* When he had to sing this song to record it in the studio, he was so nervous (because I think it's a very personal and emotional song for him), that the staff had to help coax and support him into singing it. The first time he sang it live on Music Station, he sent his mother an email saying, "I'm glad I was born as your son."

It goes without saying that this song is incredibly hard to translate and that even after going over and over it again for 4 years, I'm still not sure if I've done it correctly...But I did my best T_T And I'll probably still be tinkering with the words even after I post this but, here it is ♥

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2010-09-20 10:47 pm

YUI - CHE.R.RY lyrics translation

One of my favorite songs from YUI, this is
♥ It's such a cute song, I don't know what else to say haha XD

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2010-09-07 11:15 pm

LUNA SEA - AURORA lyrics translations

I was supposed to make a post yesterday but I totally forgot because it was Labor Day so I was chilling at the beach, haha. But here's a song translation now from my favorite band of all time,
, as celebration for their World Tour reunion. The song is
and is one of my personal favorites, because it's such a sweet song (and strangely, it actually fits in pretty well with
Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku
, which I'm still translating). I'm mbedding a youtube video with the audio file here, too haha XD Enjoy ♥

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2010-08-23 11:22 pm

w-inds. - Addicted to love single translations

I went on a super extreme hiking yesterday and am incredibly happy to be alive and posting this translation T___T My entire aching body presents you, w-inds. incredible single
Addicted to love
with its coupling songs,
Love or Leave
Now You're Gone

Addicted to love )
Love or Leave )
Now You're Gone )
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2010-08-10 11:42 pm

KinKi Kids - Ame no Melody lyrics translation

ORZ. I totally fail D: I was supposed to post on Monday! But Monday was the day I flew and moved to Hawaii soooo I think it's a good excuse haha XD

So here's a song I had translated quite a long time ago but never bothered posting due to laziness XD Good thing I kept it till now, huh XD This is one of my favorite songs of KinKi Kids,
Ame no Melody
. It's such a sad song but *hearts* T_T

KinKi Kids - Ame no Melody (The Melody of the Rain) )